What is Viqua?

Viqua® is a natural, all-in-one whitening and anti-ageing solution

Viqua® uses active pomegranate extract to innovatively rejuvenate and whiten skin complexion.

In clinical trials, it has also been shown to cause a noticeable reduction in the intensity of dark spots and blemishes, smoothen wrinkles, increase skin hydration and boost blood micro-circulation. The overall result, as verified by trial volunteers, is bright, youthful-looking skin which shines.

The Viqua® brand and its potent effects can now be found in a variety of cosmetics, dietary supplements, ’functional’ foods and drinks available across the globe.

The amazing beautifying properties of pomegranates in the most potent, organic form possible

Effective biological beauty products rely on ’bioavailability’, which means that their active ingredients are able to enter the bloodstream and reach the cells they need to. Most pomegranate extracts don’t achieve this, and instead just pass through the body without getting absorbed.

Viqua® is different: its powerful pomegranate anti-oxidants are encapsulated in a pioneering natural nano-delivery system called ADS®. This safely transports the extracts and delivers them right inside the appropriate cells — from where they can begin cleansing free radicals and working towards younger, bright-looking skin.

Pomegranate: nature's super fruit

A long history as an medicinal food

Although native to the region between Iran and the Himalayas, pomegranates have been prized and cultivated for thousands of years across Europe and Africa; the first written records of their usage come from Mesopotamian cuneiform dated at the middle of the third millennium BC, and there’s also evidence of them having been served at the mourning feast of King Midas in Ancient Greece around 800 BC.

Along with their religious symbolism, pomegranates were extensively used in antiquity for medicinal purposes. This was particularly apparent in Ancient China, where the intense red colour of their juice corresponded to beliefs about longevity medicines. To ancient medics, blood was red, so treatments which looked to create an everlasting body should be as well.

Even today this popular fruit remains a key ingredient in many traditional Turkish and Greek sauce recipes. Here, it symbolises fertility, abundance and good luck. In Greece, it’s still customary to break a pomegranate on the ground at weddings so as to ensure that the marrying couple have many children in the future.

Pomegranates as ’super fruits’

The term ’super fruit’ is applied to fruits which are both exceptionally rich in nutrients and good for overall health. These often contain antioxidants, which help to reduce the harmful effects of oxidants (also known as ’free radicals’) and play a part in repairing damaged cells.

Pomegranates are estimated to contain around three to seven times as many anti-oxidants as green tea, and are high in levels of Vitamins A, C and E, Fibre, Iron, Potassium, Calcium and Folic Acid. Studies have also shown them to reduce artery hardening by an average of 35% when taken as a juice once a day for a period of three months.

All if these qualities are quickly turning pomegranates into the latest craze to grip the health-food world – pomegranate juice was recently voted ’Best Healthy Beverage’ by Reader’s Digest readers.

Using Pomegranates in their most potent form

Pomegranates contain some of the most powerful natural skin antioxidants

Viqua® mirrors the high concentrations of nutrients found in pomegranates, including Vitamins B1, B2 and C, Niacin, Potassium, Glutanic Acid, Aspartic Acid, Hydrolysable Tannins, Punicalagins, Ellagitannins, Flayonoids, Ellagic Acid, Pelletierines, Psuedopelletierine, Isopelletierine, Methylisopelletierine, Genistein, Diadzein and Estrone. It’s also rich in another type of antioxidant molecules known as Polyphenols, and contains more of these than any other fruit extract product available.

Among Polyphenols, Punicalagins have been identified as being the most effective against free radicals — the small particles responsible for starting the chain reactions which damage cells. This makes Punicalagins the most important ingredients which pomegranates contain.

To capitalise on this and to make up for how pomegranates naturally contain very variable (and often low) levels of Punicalagin, Viqua® has been designed as a pomegranate extract with a standardised polyphenol content set at 40% including 10% Punicalagin. This is up to 40 times more than the level conventionally found in pomegranate juice.

Viqua® uses ADS® nano-technology to maximise pomegranate effect

The real secret behind Viqua® — the thing which differentiates it from all other pomegranate extract products — is its use of patented ADS® nano–technology.

This system protects the key antioxidants as they travel across the digestive tract and through the bloodstream, and gets them to their final destination, the skin, safely.

Viqua® (represented by the pink molecules) transports the pomegranate antioxidants through the body to the skin cells’ mitochondria – the cells’ power plants.

Viqua® works from inside the cells

The ADS® delivery system also helps the Viqua® anti-oxidants to cross the membranes of skin cells intact, and from here to accumulate in the cell mitochondria before beginning to scavenge for free radicals. This advantage makes Viqua®’s active ingredient uniquely powerful and effective.

When Viqua® (represented by the pink molecules) reaches the skin cells, it crosses into the mitochondria. This is where free radicals are produced, and where Viqua® is most effective at cleaning them from the body.